Loop the City

Loop the City

Loop the City is a nice flash game in which you must build roads for the city
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Loop the City is a nice flash game in which you must build roads to connect the city. You will notice some buildings which have numbers of them indicating the number of roads you must construct around that building. The real difficulty lies in the fact that the road cannot branch and that only one loop is permitted. To build a road, you simple have to click at one of the sides of the squares, and you can also mark the sides with a cross by double clicking on them, so you can remember not build a road there. The game is timed, so the faster you complete the puzzle, the more score you will get.

This score can be published on many popular social sites to compete with your friends, or you can even send it by email. The game features very simple graphics and sounds, and annoying music. The game can be played in full screen and directly from your favorite browser, so there's no need to download it.

In short, Loop the City is a very challenging game that will surely keep you playing for a while, until you find the solution.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Challenging
  • Free
  • You can share your score on multiple social sites


  • Very simple graphics and sounds
  • Annoying music
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